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What countries can I purchase an UBCO 2×2 in?

We are currently available in New Zealand, Australia, US, Europe and the UKbut are working towards being available in markets beyond these. All going to plan we should see you in the UK and Europe within the next year and in other markets thereafter. If you would like to be kept informed about our new markets you can sign up to our newsletter here.

What is the top speed of the bike?

The top speed of the 2×2 is 45 km/h – of course, this varies depending on your terrain and load. Gravity kicks in and makes downhill fun, but fun aside, do be careful and always drive to the conditions folks.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge the battery from flat.

What are the dimensions of the 2×2?

Overall length = 1800mm, wheel base = 1250mm, overall width = 800mm, height (not including wing mirrors) = 1080mm

What is the range of the 2×2?

The dual-use 2×2 has a range capability of up to 120km and the off-road 2×2 has a max range of 100km. Variables such as load, terrain, speed and wind resistance do influence this.

How much can I carry?

We recommend you do not exceed your body weight in cargo or ride with over 150kg total. Cargo should be evenly distributed between front and rear. To make things easier we have released a line of custom UBCO accessories to help you load up your gear!

Is the 2×2 capable of brake regeneration?

Yes, the dual-use 2×2 has brake regeneration to assist with braking and reducing brake wear, along with providing some extra charge into the battery.

What are the UBCO 2×2’s climbing abilities?

Being 2-wheel drive and weighing in at only 65kgs with a low centre of gravity, the 2×2 is very manoeuvrable and easy to handle, even up hill. With a load of up to 100kg, it is estimated that the maximum gradient is 25%, however you should always take the drivers abilities and limitations into consideration. Set up a demo with your local Dealer to see how well it works in your environment!

Is the 2×2 road legal?

Yes, 2X2 ADV bike is road legal in L1e-B class (electric moped, up to 45 km/)

Do I need a driver’s licence to ride the 2×2?

If you are riding the dual-use 2×2 on-road you will indeed need a driver’s licence, different states have different rules:

  • In VIC, NT, SA, WA, TAS and ACT the 2×2 will be registered as a Motorcycle and a R – Motorcycle license will be required
  • In NSW the 2×2 will be registered as a Motorcycle and a R – Rider license will be required
  • In QLD the 2×2 will be registered as a Motorcycle and a C – Car license will be required

Do I have to register my dual-use UBCO 2×2 if I only use it off-road?

If your UBCO 2×2 adventure is purely off-road on a privately owned property then there is no requirement to register your 2×2 for on-road use. For any adventures on public land (on-road, crown land, bush tracks etc.), you will need to register your 2×2. Also, remember that you still need to register your warranty with us at UBCO. You can do that by clicking here.

Are the electric hub motors synchronized or do they run independently?

The 2×2 motors are powered independently, and are not connected mechanically. Power to both wheels, rather than just one or the other, is most efficient for the battery.

Is there an option to switch off one of the two motors to save power?

No – it’s more economical and less straining for the motors to share the load.

What is the voltage of the battery?

The UBCO battery is rated at 50.4V (58.8V fully charged) 48Ah (rated).

What size engine would this be equivalent to?

Electric motors behave very differently than internal combustion engines. The main difference is electric motors achieve maximum torque at low rpm, which is the opposite of an internal combustion engine.

Can I charge the battery using solar power?

Good on you for going off the grid! The 2×2 can only be charged via the provided UBCO charger, which can be connected to solar however the supply needs to be regulated and you will need a minimum of 420W solar output.

Do I have to take the battery out to charge the bike?

No you don’t – you can plug the charger into a port on the console. In saying that, if you wish to take the battery out to charge, you can do so.

Can I buy more than one battery, so I can keep moving? Is it hard to swap out?

Indeed, you can. Simply undo the strap, lift the seat and pull the battery out by the handles. Pop your replacement battery in and you are good to go. You can buy replacement batteries, just contact us or your local dealer.

What is the fording depth?

The 2×2 is designed to perform in all terrains, and can therefore cross through bodies of water such as rivers and streams. However, the water level should not exceed the height of the foot pegs or axels. Evidence of full submersion can void your warranty.

Can the battery be charged from a standard 12-volt vehicle charging system?

No, the bike is provided with a charger and cannot be charged off a 12V socket. If your vehicle has a power inverter to provide a 240v output, it could be charged off that but will take a while. Please note, your inverter will need to be able to provide 420W to the UBCO charger.

Will salt water be an issue?

As with any piece of machinery, salt water will accelerate corrosion. It is important to wash the 2×2 down regularly when using it in salty environments and avoid submerging the motors, keeping any water below the level of the foot pegs.

Can I use a high-pressure hose on the 2×2?

We do not recommend using a high-pressure hose on the 2×2. Just a standard hose and brush should do the job if you keep on top of it regularly!

What happens if the motors get submerged?

If the motors get fully submerged (particularly when hot) they may take on water. This can prematurely age the internal parts of the motor and would negate your motor warranty.

Is the seat height adjustable?

In short – no. The seat is fixed in place at 800mm but can be flipped up to allow for the removal of the battery.

How do the tyres hold up in mud?

The dual-use 2×2 comes equipped with a standard 2.75×17 tyre. This is an all-terrain tyre, designed mainly for road and gravel use. If you will be using the 2×2 in extremely muddy conditions then we recommend fitting knobbly off-road tyres as they will give much more grip. These come at an additional cost and your UBCO dealer or a tyre store could fit these for you. There is a wide range of different tyres, some of which aren’t compatible with the 2×2, so always check with your Dealer before purchasing new ones.

What happens to the old batteries?

Our goal is to establish a product stewardship scheme, whereby we would actively take batteries back and either rebate them for a purchase of a new battery or recycle them. This will be in line with when we anticipate the first of our batteries reaching the end of their useful lifespans, which we estimate will be 2020. Currently, there is only one lithium recycling facility in Australia, however, we would be working with our manufacturers to deliver a more circular solution.

I need to store my battery for a long period of time as I won’t need to use it. What is the best way?

If you’re storing your battery for an extended period, ensure the battery has between 50% and 90% charge. Storing the battery with either too full or too low a charge can cause cell damage, reducing the battery life and capacity. We recommend checking the charge level every 3 months to make sure it is still in the optimum range. It’s also a good idea to unplug the power cable that connects the battery to the 2×2 until you’re ready to use it again if you are leaving your battery with your 2×2.

Can a pillion passenger seat be fitted?

The 2×2 is designed to have only one person on it, therefore we recommend that only one-person rides on the 2×2 at any given time.

Can I tow a trailer?

Not right now, however we are currently working on designing a custom light trailer for the 2×2 which will be for off-road use in the first instance, so watch this space!

Are you planning on bringing out any new models in the future?

We have received a lot of interest in other variants and are working on bringing you more variations in the future. Our first goal is to make a success of the UBCO 2×2 globally!

I own an off-road 2×2 – can I purchase an upgrade kit to make it road worthy?

Short answer – no. The dual-use 2×2 was not designed in accordance with automotive regulatory standards so cannot be registered for road use.

What if I don’t like white? Can I get a pink one?

The first round of 2×2’s comes in white only. You can customise with attachments on the accessory lugs — holsters, carry bags, tassels, you name it. We may look into other colours in the future — drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see next!

Can I use the bike to charge my tools when out and about?

You sure can — we can’t have our technology going flat, can we?! The UBCO 2×2 has a DC 12V output (cigarette lighter style) rated to 10 amps (120W). It also has two snazzy little USB outputs for charging your phone and other hand-held devices.

Where can I get spare or extra parts?

Talk to us or contact your local dealer; either one of us will be able to supply you with what you need.

I want to ship a bike to Timbuktu. Is this possible?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple! Differing compliance requirements makes this tricky, plus we need to ensure that your bike can be technically supported. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see you though! Click here to sign up to our newsletter and stay in the loop on when we reach new markets.

What are the service requirements for the 2×2?

Whilst the 2×2 has fewer moving parts than a typical combustion engine vehicle, they still require maintenance and servicing to ensure a continued safe operation. Every 2×2 will need regular servicing and maintenance checks to ensure that the warranty is maintained. You can find details of our recommended servicing schedules here.

Who do I contact to book my 2×2 in for a service?

Contact your local UBCO Dealer and they will book you in. You can find their details by clicking here.

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