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UBCO’s platform of electric vehicles, portable power and accessories will redefine how you ride, work, and play, both on- and off- road.

Taking inspirational journeys, exploring our planet, saving our parks, working smarter and safer; we want to ‘power your purpose’.

Our range of vehicles, power supplies, accessories and subscription software leverage the benefits of modern electric drive and battery technology. All terrain and all performance, say goodbye to the limitations of your environment, and experience the ease of UBCO travel.

So much about this bike is extraordinary.

Dirt Rider Downunder

The UBCO 2x2 utility bike is the SUV of e-bikes.


These bikes are the way of the future... they're incredibly fun and easy to ride and are a great way to enjoy the back country hills and magnificent views at Walter Peak.

Real Journeys

Get an UBCO Bro!

Anthony Clyde

It's not just the flash new bike of the future but possibly the favourite old faithful too.

3 News

Whether it’s for work or play, the UBCO 2×2 Utility Bike is equipped to take on whatever it encounters.


Party till the cows come home? No. In New Zealand, you get the cows home first. Then you party. And from the looks of it, the UBCO 2x2 can do both pretty damn well.

Dude I want that

Finally a dirt bike has been developed that serves a practical purpose after you stop riding it!

Yahoo! Autos
Portage Power System

Not only powers the bike, but also your tools and devices on the go.

2 Wheel Drive

Two x 1 Kilowatt Flux Drive motors, boosting efficiency and improving heat dissipation.

Accessory Lugs

19 accessory lugs are placed across the bike.

All Terrain Suspension System

For a smoother and more compliant ride.

Whisper Quiet

No clutch or drivetrain, no emissions and no noise.

2 Wheel Drive

Two x 1 Kilowatt Flux Drive motors, boosting efficiency and improving heat dissipation.


With a motor in both wheels — no clutch, drivetrain, emissions, or noise — you’ll say hello to improved traction, all-terrain performance and improved handling.


Built with front wheel drive in mind to bring you a smoother, more compliant ride that can be adjusted to zip around the city, or tackle your favourite off-road track.


No more running out of juice for your phone or tools. Keep your battery life and your productivity at 100% by charging directly from the Portage Battery System.


Accessory lugs allow you to attach anything from a holster to your on the job tools to storage bags. The 2×2 loves to be kitted out!

top speed
charge time (0-90%)

Get your 2×2

That’s right, you can purchase your very own 2×2! Buy now to start your own 2×2 adventure.

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Case Studies

We first built the 2×2 to help out on the farm, but really, the possibilities are endless. Head to our case studies section to learn more about how it’s being used.


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