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YAHOO! AUTOS: Ubco 2×2 Electric Dirt Bike Can Go Almost Anywhere, Charge Power Tools

The Ubco Electric Bike seems poised to revolutionize the industry. Finally a dirt bike has been developed that serves a practical purpose after you stop riding it—besides being a tempting target for thieves.

The New Zealand bike maker has developed its Ubco 2×2 so it can charge your electronics and run power tools. It’s seen as ideal for farmers, emergency personnel and others who need to reach places that cars and generators can’t go.

The bike is designed for stock breeding professionals as well. Maybe a little juice helps get the process rolling for bovine lotharios trying to pump out a living. Plus, it’s being marketed as good for herding sheep—granted more of a New Zealand selling point but maybe playground monitors would find it handy.

It’s also being sold as hunting vehicle. Oddly, the website features a picture of hunters at night. That seems to suggest jack lighting, which paralyzes deer in your headlights, making them an easy target. Maybe things are different in New Zealand.

The 2×2 can handle over 400 lbs. of weight. It’s also good for a range of 62 miles, the manufacturer says, under hilly conditions and 93 miles on flat roads. Your mileage may vary. According to GizMag, a pair of 1 kW air-cooled electric motors, one in each wheel’s hub, provide a maximum torque of 66.4 lb-ft, enough to power the bike to a top speed of 28 mph.

Among other technical data worth knowing, the interchangeable, lithium ion battery needs four hours for a full recharge. It has both a front and rear suspension and is capable of climbing 30-degree grades. In addition to its two electric motors, it has two hydraulic disc brakes and weighs 110 lbs.

No sale price has been mentioned yet. Interested parties can contact the company to be one of the first 100 lucky owners.

By Yahoo! Autos