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BIKERS CAFE: Ubco Utility Bike

Created by New Zealanders Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal, the Ubco Utility Bike is a rugged, off-road motorcycle that can carry tools and be used in an agricultural environment. Having worked independently in the e-bike industry for a decade, the duo knew exactly what to come up with, the lightweight electric bike offering two-wheel traction and a range of more than 100km with a single charge of the 40 Ah Li-ion battery.

The X-shaped frame that will bear up to 200 kg. Another interesting feature is that it can also offer electric power, and features power outlets and USB ports, which you can use to charge up your smartphone or use a power tool.

The Ubco Utility Bike can be customised to suit your task; with the accessory lugs and the use of standard nuts and bolts, you are able to attach anything from industry specific items to storage – making it flexible for all users.

By Bikers Cafe

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