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New Urban Style: UBCO | 3 Wise Men Collaboration

With a perfect merging of functional design and fashion style, our collaboration with New Zealand fashion brand 3 Wise Men has resulted in an urban update for our UBCO 2×2. Watch out cities of the world!

While we’ve won a number of design awards, the UBCO 2×2 has unashamedly worn its ‘utility’ heritage with pride. Available in one color (white) with a rugged all-weather fitout that can cope with all kinds of terrain. But all that is now set to change, with the our team working with the team at 3 Wise Men (3WM) to create a limited edition co-branded urban bike and capsule collection.

The UBCO 3WM bike could be the most stylish urban transport option for 2020.

3WM created a capsule collection of garments and accessories that can be worn on the bike, or at any occasion where the 3 Wise Men man just wants smart casual style.

“We love the UBCO 2×2’s Kiwi essence and its heritage. In many ways it is like the 3 Wise Men brand itself, being born of the desire to provide honest, reliable apparel, that can keep a man looking stylish and on his game throughout the business day.” – Richard Miles, 3 Wise Men founder.

Here at UBCO, we’re incredibly excited by what 3 Wise Men has done with the capsule range and our design team have been able to create a bike that matches the slick urban style of their collection. Our team have been able to retain the essential values of the bike; utility, reliability and sustainability, but blend it with an effortless urban style that is instantly recognisable and desirable. We can see real interest internationally for both the bike and the apparel.

The stunning midnight blue, black and leather UBCO x 3 Wise Men bike plus clothing range and accessories was launched on November 1, with the full collection featuring at the UBCON19 conference in Queenstown where it was shown to the entire international team, stakeholders and network.

You can view the bike and the clothing range in selected 3 Wise Men stores nationwide.

“Our mantra is that we ‘only work with good buggers’ and this is a critical part of the 3 Wise Men way. The team at UBCO definitely met our ‘good buggers’ test and we’re proud to partner with them.” Richard Miles

A sentiment shared by the team here.