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THE COOLECTOR: Ubco Utility Bike

Given the immense popularity of the Bolt Electric Bike we wrote about recently here at Coolector HQ, it certainly seems that there would be a similar audience for another cracking steed that goes by the name of the UBCO Utility Bike which looks like a great contraption for time spent out and about.

The UBCO Utility Bike is crafted by a design duo from New Zealand by the names of Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal who have worked in the e-bike industry for a number of years now and decided to join forces to create the UBCO.

It is designed with outdoor terrains in mind and the UBCO Utility Bike has obviously been thought about from an agricultural point of view given the extensive about of wide open spaces in New Zealand but we’re sure it will be just as awesome in urban locales.

Lightweight but incredibly robust, the UBCO Utility Bike is definitely ideally suited to the great outdoors but with the versatility to be a recreational vehicle for today’s tech obsessed individual. With an interchangeable lithium battery, the UBCO is capable of going for hours before needing a recharge and its a smokeless, noiseless machine that looks great and performs supremely well. Long story short, we want one.

By The Coolector