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Compost, fleece and a tonne of rain

We recently exhibited at the Sika Hunting Show in Taupo, and despite the wet weather, the show was great!

Here are our Top 5 highlights:

1. Facebook banter beforehand

Hunters like to talk smack, especially on Facebook. So we ran a series of Facebook ads targeting kiwi hunters in advance of the show, encouraging them to stop by for a test ride an Ubco 2×2 at the Sika Show.

Check out the responses (warning: Rated P.G.):
View our hunting advert on Facebook

2. Our sacks of compost

Hunters were concerned about the Ubco’s ability to carry a beast out of the bush, so we simulated the weight by strapping 2 x 30kg bags of compost to an Ubco 2×2 and letting hunters ride it around our test track.

The extra 60kgs provided a great gauge as to how the Ubco would handle a beast on board, and it was great to see many happy hunters return from the test track with renewed confidence.

3. The quantity of fleece sold

When your stand is sandwiched between Stoney Creek and Hunting and Fishing, the volume of fleece that passes you by will astound.

For us, it was nice to have a unique stand at the show, as we were the only vehicle dealer on site, and our test track proved a point of interest for hunters far and wide.

4. Our first accessories

With 17 clever accessory lugs located across each bike, it’s no secret that the Ubco 2×2 can be adapted to suit any application – especially hunting.

This year’s show provided us with the chance to showcase our new panniers and carry bags, as well as our custom-made gun rack. We’re excited about further developing our accessories for hunters over time.

5. Genuine interest in the Ubco

Hunters (and cops) tell it like it is, so it was fantastic to get positive feedback and genuine interest in the bike from the hunting crowd at the show.

We’re excited to see more and more Ubco’s used for hunting, and we’re looking forward to sharing pics of beasts-on-bikes over on our Facebook page.

That’s a wrap.

A huge thanks to everyone who called in to our stand and had a test ride at the show. And a special thanks also to Mark from Top Gear Cycles Taupo for arranging the stand, we’re already looking forward to next year.