UBCO FRX1 Trail Bike

$8,999.00 + tax & shipping

Available in 2022


  • 132lbs
  • 50mph top speed
  • 62mi range
  • Full charge 6 hours


With its 15kW peak power brushless motor, delivering a top speed of 50mph. A twist throttle and no clutch means engaging all this power is instantaneous.


Weighing in at only 132lbs, the bike is built on a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that makes no compromises on robustness or durability.


This e-trail bike runs on a 50V Lithium-ion 2.2kWh battery pack that delivers a maximum range of 62 miles.

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Product Description

With its 15kW peak power brushless motor, lightweight mid-drive frame and hardcore off-road suspension, the FRX1 is the perfect fusion of MTB and dirt bike.