Our Team


UBCO has attracted an eclectic range of people from different cultures, with a wide range of skills and experience. The team collectively defined the vision behind the company.

Power your Purpose

Our users are often inspired people trying to make a difference in the world and to the lives of others. Our goal is to power their purpose. So our vision naturally reflects this: “To enable people to do inspiring stuff. Inspirational journeys, exploring our planet, saving our parks, working smarter and safer. We want a better world and we want our products to help you make a difference in it.”

The values we strive for are transparency, honesty and reliability. We embrace sustainability and design for individual customer experiences.


UBCO is managed on a day to day level by a small experienced executive group comprising of Timothy Allan, Vanessa Ho, Tracey Swinehart, Tom Hayward, and Rob Beck. Due to the fast-moving nature of the business, UBCO operates a range of functional teams across all subject matter areas in a relatively flat structure.


The UBCO Board is comprised of executive and non-executive staff chaired by Katherine Sandford, an experienced applied technology executive. This group meets monthly and has a quarterly rhythm of light reporting, heavy reporting and strategic review.

The strategy review is tied to an established system of Objectives and Key Results. This drives company-wide alignment and focus, and provides the backbone of our HR interactions with weekly 15 Five feedback reports and quarterly 1 on 1’s.

UBCO US is currently operated as a standalone business with its own board and staff. Ethan Ralston is the President and CEO of UBCO US with Bob Ralston providing the Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.


UBCO is headquartered in Tauranga, New Zealand. This centre of innovation sits on the ocean and is the largest port by volume in New Zealand. It is home to a progressive and collaborative business eco-system including international leaders in Robotics, Materials, 3D Printing, Engineering, Horticulture and Logistics.

UBCO US is based in Eugene, Oregon (Duck Country). It is in the heart of the silicone shire and has become a technology hub on the west coast and has ready access to a wide range of highly skilled staff. Both cities are located in beautiful environments and range from the mountains to the sea. Attracting staff that are as at home in the outdoors as they are in the office. After all, you have to be able  to ride to know how to sell and support our products.


Tim Allan


Timothy Allan has over 20 years of experience as an innovation and R&D Leader. Prior to leading UBCO, Timothy established his own product development company Locus Research and led it for 15 years. Timothy has operated across diverse industries from sporting and equipment, to construction products, medical devices and aerospace. He has advised some of New Zealand's leading companies on R&D and Innovation as well as being an active early stage investor.

Katherine Sandford


Katherine developed her career at Trimble Inc and held leadership roles in Customer Service, Sales & Distribution, and served as General Manager across several vertically focused businesses. Over more than 20 years, she worked in Europe, the United States and New Zealand. Katherine is a professional Director, has served on several Boards, as well as chairing the UBCO Board of Directors.

Daryl Neal


Daryl has over 20 years of experience as an Industrial Designer, 10 of which have been in the field of electric transportation. Daryl has been responsible for the introduction of numerous products to the international market. He brings practical and desirable solutions born from a strong understanding of the global market needs and emerging technologies.

Ethan Ralston


Ethan is an experienced entrepreneurial executive within the technology industry. After 13 years in presidential, CEO and VP of Business Development roles at Feeney Wireless, later Inseego with Novatel Wireless, Ethan has developed a broad range of skills, with strengths in LTE, Sales, Marketing, Financial Management, IoT, Electric Vehicles, and Customer Retention.

Tracey Swinehart


Tracey is an experienced Executive Director and CFO with a demonstrated history working in innovative NZ businesses. Tracey has strong product and manufacturing experience. Before joining UBCO Tracey worked alongside Timothy at Locus Research as an Executive Director bringing a commercial focus to Locus clients.

Rob Beck


Rob is an experienced Electronics Engineer and leader across New Zealand's high tech landscape. He has over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry, with significant experience in developing and manufacturing embedded systems across broad markets ranging from mass market consumer to the highly regulated aerospace.

Bob Ralston


Bob is a visionary entrepreneur with an eye for detail. A practical outdoorsman, handy contractor and an experienced utilities electrical engineer who helped establish the first electrical grid for one of the pacific islands. Bob founded Feeney Wireless and developed it into an leader in the field of IoT before exiting to Novotel Wireless in 2015.


Dylan Hughes

Sales & Marketing Director – Australasia

Rachel Alderwick

Customer Services Manager

Russell Lake

Support & Despatch Manager NZ

Kevin Wilson

Technical Sales Manager

Stuart Harwood

Senior Project Engineer

Sam Nepia

Mechanical Engineer

Danny Neill

Industrial Designer

Ryan Johnson

Financial Controller

Neil Tierney

Chief Marketing Officer

Kat Sutherland

Marketing Manager

Nick Collins

Senior Graphic Designer

Robin Lyttle

Senior Graphic Designer

Jocelyn Sharples

Finance and Admin Manager

Amy Morgan

Accounts & Payroll Manager

Kevin Rickerson

Support / Distribution Manager US

Hilary Robotham


Brett Wallace

Technical Training Manager

Ethan Speidell

Technical Support

Cameron Barry

Service Technician

Clayton Williams

Service & Assembly Technician – US

Mark Phillips

CEO Australia

Robert Djordjevic

National Operations Manager – Australia

Ken Wang

Asia Operation Manager

Wei Teng

Supply Chain Specialist

Justinas Pagirys

Commercial Director EMEA

Domas Zinkevicius

Mechanical Engineer

Colin Godby

Chief Product Officer

Phil Harrison

VP, Enterprise Sales & Sustainability

Joe Jensen

National Operations Manager – Australia