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What type and brand of suspension will the FRX1 have?

The FRX1 has custom designed suspension. UBCO develops its own suspension systems specifically for each vehicle class. This is due to the fact the size, weight and performance are not replicated by other production offers. We have a suspension engineer as a part of the team to ensure we achieve the required performance in each suspension element.

Charge Time & Charger

Charge time is comparable with our production 2×2. Our goal is to have a common charger across the range, so if you have a 2×2 you can use the same charger with the FRX1. We see this as a better environmental choice and more convenient (we don’t want to add to all the random power supplies you have in the second drawer down!).

The weight has increased from the original specification from 52kg to 60kg (114lbs to 132lbs). Why?

UBCO products must be robust and durable. We have a lot of experience producing vehicles that are used every day. With this experience behind them, our design team ensures all our components are rated for this level of use intensity. Providing a higher level of durability and longevity in the product. This applies across the bike from spokes, through to frame welding and fork stanchion materials. Consequently, the production bike is heavier (60kg/132lbs) than the original prototype bike.

What’s the maximum size/weight of rider?


What is the battery/ride time vs charge time?

Battery charge time = 6hours. Ride time depends on riding. Max distance is 100km/62mi.

What is the warranty?

Bike 1 year, battery 2 years

Can you get a road legal version?

The FRX1 is designed specifically for off-road riding. We don’t currently have any plans to make it road legal – there is too much fun to be had out there off-road. But never say never…

The original design had pedals, why now only pegs?

We’ve evolved the bike somewhat as we head into production. With 15kW this is a motorbike not a bicycle, hence pegs. We felt this was the safest way to go.

Will anything change in the design configuration we see here?

UBCO will be strengthening the frame by adding a practical bash plate to the underside, a nod to those hard adventure riders out there. We will also likely be enclosing the area underneath the MX seat to look after some of the electronics which are housed in there. This will also make cleaning the bike easier after those muddy rides.

Will it fit into the existing UBCO App?

Our goal is to integrate the VMS into the vehicle which provides communications and control across the board providing a range of benefits. It also means it can utilise the telematic control unit that UBCO has developed for its 5th Gen 2×2.

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