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DUDE I WANT THAT: Ubco 2×2 electric bike

I like how when a pair of Kiwis set out to build a sick off-road/commuter bike combo, their goal numero uno was to make sure it could also be used to herd sheep and drive cattle. Party till the cows come home? No. In New Zealand, you get the cows home first. Then you party. And from the looks of it, the Ubco 2 x 2 can do both pretty damn well.

An electric utility bike, the Ubco 2 x 2 uses a strong but lightweight “SuperX” frame to give drivers complete control at low speeds, ideal for stock handling or rural/urban jobs. A 400+ pound load bearing capacity and several attachment points allow it to haul a wide range of equipment and gear as well. For in-city drivers, the 2 x 2 brings dual electric drives for a smooth, ultra-quiet ride. A 40 Ah Li-ion battery powers the front and rear hub, as well as supplies additional charge to driver devices via built-in USB ports–anything from power tools to smartphones. The cost of running the bike: about 50 cents (USD) per 100 km.

Additional Ubco 2 x 2 features include:

  • All-Terrain Performance. No clutch or drive train means very low maintenance, and few of the problems other off-road vehicles might run into in slippery, muddy, or unpaved conditions.
  • Low Weight. Just 110 pounds of bike here. Easy to maneuver, and easy enough for an able-bodied person to lift/carry if necessary.
  • Adaptive Design. Customize a 2 x 2 to suit your task or recreational needs with the accessory lugs. In addition to assisting with agricultural jobs, Ubco’s utility bike can serve police and firemen, photographers, hunters and fishermen, search and rescue workers, mobile repairmen, and event staff.

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