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AUTOFILE: Electric bike going overseas

Strong interest in the Ubco 22 electric farm bike will see the company bring forward plans to sell it in North America.

The bike is a “quiet, lightweight, emission-free, off-road 22”, which can also carry tools and can be used in an “agricultural setting”. The system features a drive on each wheel with each motor upgraded to 1kW. The battery system delivers around 58 volts with 48 amp hours.

Timothy Allan, managing director of Ubco co-investor Locus Research, says: “What’s happened is that interest overseas spiralled up from Ubco being featured on international gear site Uncrate. We’ve had a huge volume of email inquiries internationally, so to some extent we’ve had to look at bringing our North American approach forward.”

He adds publicity generated by the bike has been unprecedented for any of his products. “I think a lot of it can be attributed to the concept, but the design is just as important. It has got an appeal that has resonated with a lot of people. The challenge is getting out into the market fast enough to ensure we stay in front.”

The Ubco 22 was launched at Fieldays, but Allan says potential buyers are looking at a range of applications. “The responses include tourism operators and people from metro environments interested in a commuter option. We will be moving quickly to get road-legal certification in New Zealand and Australia.” Production will start by Christmas with initial marketing aimed at Australasia.

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