Get the most out of your VR Viewer

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You should probably be sitting down for this...

If you have an UBCO cardboard VR headset or a similar Google Cardboard-style headset, follow these steps for the best experience:

  • Put the VR headset together.
  • Scan the QR code by pointing your smartphone’s camera at it.
  • Make sure the video opens in the YouTube app. Pause the video, then tap the goggle icon in the bottom right corner of the video.
  • Secure your phone into the VR headset and hold it up to your eyes. Find the small dot around the centre of your vision. Move around until the dot aligns over the play button.
  • Tap the metal tab at the top of the headset to start the video & enjoy the ride!

While you ‘ride,’ keep a look out for these great features:

  • The 2X2 is at home on busy city streets and muddy off-road tracks.
  • The LCD display on the 2X2 Adventure Bike and the smartphone on the 2X2 Work Bike running the UBCO App. Both have live feed speed & power data.
  • Notice the ambient noises you can hear while riding, rather than the noise of the bike.
  • Feel the 2X2 climb those hills!

Share the ride

Take a photo while you & your friends virtually ‘ride’ the 2X2. Tag us on social media using #ubcoVTR so we can all enjoy the ride together!