Introducing the FRX1

Say hello to the UBCO FRX1 free ride bike. Built for extreme off-road riding, whether you’re shredding the trail, climbing uphill, or taking on the local tracks.

PRICE NZ$9,499

The product price structure is prospective and may be subject to change due to supply chain, manufacturing or currency related factors.

With its 15kW peak power brushless motor, lightweight mid-drive frame and hardcore off-road suspension, the FRX1 is the perfect fusion of MTB and dirt bike.

Lithium-ion 2.2 kWh battery pack
twist throttle riding mode
Lightweight robust and durable frame
Adjustable regenerative braking

The lightweight frame is robust and durable, while maintaining a clean and minimal look. It’s home to a mid-drive motor which has a low center of gravity and minimizes the wheel sprung mass, giving the FRX1 excellent off-road performance at any speed.

A permanent-magnet brushless motor provides 15kW of power, allowing you to reach top speeds of 50mph.

The FRX1 runs on a Lithium-ion 2.2 kWh battery pack, delivering a max range of 62 miles. The battery can be recharged in just 2.5 hours using a standard socket. Need to go further? The FRX1 integrates fully adjustable regenerative braking to generate up to 10% of the battery capacity, meaning nothing stands in the way of your ride.

Integrating the internal transmission system with 9 pedaling gears, the FRX1 is designed to generate maximum power with a relatively low pedal rate, protecting the battery and prolonging your ride.

Equipped with both super-pedal-assist and twist throttle riding modes, 203mm of front travel, and hard hitting hydraulic downhill disc brakes, the FRX1 is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, providing incredible control and power, no matter the conditions.


Height* 1120mm | 44”
Length* 2030mm | 80”
Width (handlebars) 790mm | 31”
Curb weight 52kg | 115lbs

*Height / Length measures are approximate


Liquid-cooled brushless motor. Twist throttle and pedal assist modes
Max power 15 kW


Max speed 80km/h | 50mph
Max range up to 100km | 62mi
Max torque 280Nm


Power pack 2.2 kWh Li-ion cells
Full charge time 2.5 hours
Up to 10% regeneration with braking


9 speed gearbox for pedaling

Frame and body

Mid-drive design for offroad performance
6082 T6 alluminium alloy frame
50/50 weight ratio
Low center of gravity


Adjustable compression and rebound
203 mm front travel
200 mm rear travel


Adjustable bicycle seat


Adjustable regenerative braking
Rear 2 pot hydraulic brakes
Front 4 pot hydraulic brakes
203mm rotor diameter


26” lightweight, high strength alloy front rim
24” lightweight, high strength alloy rear rim


FRX1 Trail Bike 12 months
Power Pack 24 months
Spare Parts 6 months

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top speed
charge time

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