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Covid 19 Update

By March 23, 2020 No Comments

In a connected world, things often scale quickly and COVID19 is no different. It is changing the face of business and life around the globe. As a group, we are doing what we can to respond in a positive and constructive way that protects our people and their future.

In fact, we are using the current situation as an opportunity to accelerate projects that sometimes struggle for the attention they deserve in a BAU environment. We’re completely digitizing our training; expanding e-commerce and drop shipping to leverage our new fully assembled packaging; whilst our development team is applying full effort putting the 5th Generation 2X2 into production. We are very fortunate to have modern tech and infrastructure enabling us to work effectively from home.

Here in New Zealand, where our headquarters are based, the country has effectively gone into lockdown. Our borders are closed and only essential services will be operating.

This means if you are using an UBCO2x2 to undertake essential work – Transport and Logistics, Primary Industries, Public Safety, or National Security (NZDF) we are on hand to provide any support and maintenance or repairs should you need with a skeleton staff on-site observing COVID protocols. The best way to contact us for essential services support is 0800 822 6292 or [email protected].

Our operations in Australia, United States, and Europe are in all varying states of COVID19 response. As per our approach in New Zealand, our teams continue to work from home and are on hand to assist as needed. Obviously, this is a fluid situation as the social and economic impacts of COVID 19 emerge, so we are staying nimble and responsive. Check out our website for contact details if you don’t already have them.

And even if you’re not involved in delivering essential services, our team are on hand to answer any general questions, provide support, and of course, complete any sales transactions for future delivery!

Finally, on a positive note, getting out and about on an UBCO 2×2 is a great way to run essential errands! And as a delivery vehicle, the 2×2 is hard to beat on utility and running cost. Consequently, we are very busy in this space at the moment.

Stay positive, stay connected, and stay safe.

Timothy Allan & the UBCO team.