Written by Sue Goldberg 

Christmas is a festive time of the year and an adventurous one when you own an UBCO 2×2.

This year, I purchased a GoPro for Jeff, and he immediately set about gearing up the 2×2 with front and rear mounts for his new camera. After perfecting the setup, we decided to take it out on some adventures and test both the new GoPro and the 2×2.

Our adventure took us up to roughly 3,500 ft of elevation, where we toured around new territory in the mountains to the east of us.

After several hours of fun, with a helpful GPS app that works without cell service and about 50% battery life we decided to take a loop route of forest roads that we hoped would lead us back to our destination – Lake in the Woods. After climbing to 4,800 ft and facing a depleting battery life (I, of course, had my heated jacket plugged in and was charging my cell phone) we came to a “turn around or forge forward” decision.

We knew we could make it back to where we started but what about what lay ahead? Somewhat undecisive, we opted to take the road before us. Then, we hit the snow! The first section was, “oh good, let’s test the bikes and the camera.” The 2x2s performed great – you could hear the two-wheel drive grabbing and pulling us through unproven snow. It was exhilarating just trying to keep it straight and make it through what we hoped would be a short patch of snow. Whew! Then we hit another patch of snow, only this time it went well beyond what we could see. At one point, huffing and puffing, we discussed turning around if it got worse.

This was new territory for us and not something we had encountered before. Does it go up in elevation? Is there a dead end? Are there downed trees blocking our path? At one point, we actually discussed who would hike out if we got stranded out there!

We forged on, and the snow got deeper still and we were on a tight turn on a slope; for a few fleeting minutes, I thought I was going to slide off the side of the cliff into the deep hillsides below! Yet, the UBCO 2×2 kept pulling and pushing me across this deeper snow and we began our descent. Battery regeneration time!

We hit several more areas of snow but we didn’t worry about having to hike out in the middle of the night because of the battery regeneration. I realized the 2×2’s had pushed us to new limits – on many levels. And the best of all – we made it to the lake and we were so excited! I hopped off the bike and said, “now that’s some serious memory making!”

We then had a great lunch at the lake, which was half frozen, and drove the 2x2s around the lake, and down to several other sights including a waterfall. We smiled the whole way! The best thing was we still had 50% battery life left when we got to the truck!

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