The Goldbergs

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Oregon, United States
When they’re not at home on their homestead in Oregon, Sue and Jeff Goldberg are busy looking for their next great adventure. Fishing, camping, hunting, exploring and getting amongst the wilderness is what they thrive on. Armed with an RV and 2 UBCO 2×2’s you’ll find the Goldberg’s on the ‘road less traveled’ experiencing what nature has to offer.
Can you tell us a bit about who Sue and Jeff are?

Sue (57) enjoys the outdoors; camping, riding horses, fishing, and adventuring into the wilderness. Jeff (63) is an avid motorcyclist that started with dirt bikes and progressed to street bikes, and dual sports bikes. Jeff has done everything from surfing, bull riding, snow skiing, hunting, and horseback riding.

How did the pair of you originally meet?

We met at a horse event (team roping) here in rural southern Oregon as we both had horses and small ranches. Both of us enjoy spending time together but riding horses is expensive and limited compared to the ease of care and transporting UBCO 2x2s!

Have you always had a passion for exploring and adventure?

Yes, both of us have spent many seasons growing up either camping or traveling. Sue grew up in Central Oregon and spent her summers camping in the wilderness, fishing, and hiking. Jeff has lived in and traveled most of the western United States. He enjoys going up into the wilderness hunting and fishing.

Where is your favorite place to explore?

We love to explore backwoods, mountainous areas with spectacular views. Taking the road less traveled is what we enjoy the most.

Where is the one place in the world where you can’t wait to visit?

Alaska or New Zealand.

“We love our 2×2’s because they are so easy to ride. The main reason we bought them was that we could ride them together and do things while camping and spending our weekends outdoors. We especially love the maneuverability and traction from the UBCO’s as we can easily cross 4” to 6” logs, rocks, and sandy areas with very little effort”. 

What are the essentials that you take on every trip?

Our UBCO 2×2’s and we always take our cell phone with GPS, water, and personal protection.

What does adventure mean to both of you?

Heading out to new unexplored territories that most people don’t have the opportunity to see.

Tell us about your biggest adventure malfunction

We got into a situation riding mountain bikes once where we had to be rescued by a boater after riding all day and becoming extremely tired and exhausted.

How do you decide what adventures you’ll take on next?

We try and find adventures where we can go camping with our 2×2’s and head out into new wilderness areas right from our camp. We’d also like to use the 2×2’s to go scouting and hunting in the fall for deer and elk. We’ve already used them numerous times for fishing.

“We’ve adapted the bikes with gun scarabs, fishing rod holders and front and backpacks to make our next adventures even more enjoyable.”