Jamie GallantNews
June 6, 2019

Island Paradise

Written by Jamie Gallant  “Don’t you shake your head at me!” yelled the Postie who had just blatantly cut me off on a narrow road in her truck for the second…
NewsThe Goldbergs
February 25, 2019


Written by Sue Goldberg  Christmas is a festive time of the year and an adventurous one when you own an UBCO 2x2. This year, I purchased a GoPro for Jeff,…
NewsThe Goldbergs
February 13, 2019

Endless Adventures, Together

Written by Sue Goldberg  Jeff and I met through our common passion for horses. As well as being an active surfer, skier, and motorcycle rider, Jeff also loves horses, which…
Scott Linden
February 12, 2019

An Electric Hunt

Written by Scott Linden The hunting dog lifestyle means covering a lot of ground. Frequently. The UBCO 2x2 is already earning its keep around the ranch and in the field.…
Scott Linden
February 12, 2019

On the Lookout 

Written by Scott Linden I get to play with dogs every day. It’s a living, as they say. But to make a living, I’ve got to be efficient because in…