Introducing the off-road 2018 2×2

Take on your next off-road adventure with the off-road 2018 2×2. Jam packed with an array of upgrades, you’ll experience the off-road environment like never before.

RRP $7499 + shipping


Sneak up on prey, hear a truck coming around the bend or your trusty dog running alongside while you enjoy the nearly silent ride. But don’t worry, you have a horn should you need it.



The 2×2 boasts a Portage Battery System which not only powers the bike, but also your tools and devices on the go with two USB ports and 12V outlet. Keep your battery life and productivity at 100% no matter where you are.



No clutch or drive-train, no emissions, and no noise. Instead, an ultra-quiet, powerful machine with excellent handling, especially in slippery and loose terrains.


Improved handling and excellent performance in all off-road terrain conditions – grass, water  and mud are no match for the 2×2.



Connect and communicate directly with the bike with our new integrated Engine Control Unit (ECU) and UBCO user app. Take control, and customise your riding experience.



The lightweight SuperX frame makes it easy to manoeuvre and safer than your standard quad or farm bike. The whole bike weighs just 63kg, so it can be lifted and handled no sweat.


19 accessory lugs are placed across the bike in the most useful places. With standard M8 nuts and bolts, you can to attach anything from a holster to a trailer to storage bags.

SuperX Step Through Frame

Low center of gravity.
More stability and better balance.
Easy to mount and dismount.

7000 Series Alloy

Stronger and stiffer.
High load capacity.

17×2.75″ Multi-use Tyres

Suitable for a wide range of terrains.
Long life.
Ultimate grip.

LCD Display

Greater control.
Keep track of your riding.
Monitor speed, distance, power output, battery level and the time.

All Terrain (AT) Suspension System

Ubco ATFZ front fork with 130mm travel.
Die cast aluminium lowers with torque arm.
37.5mm high tensile steel chrome plated stanchions.
32mm Ubco ATR rear shocks with 120mm travel.
Greater control.
Faster tracking of terrain.
Comfortable ride.

Dual Electric Drive

No clutch – bullet proof low-speed control.
Improved handling both on- and off-road.
Better acceleration and traction in slippery conditions.
No getting stuck in the mud.
Better grip on unpaved roads.
Ascends gradients of up to 30%.
Very low maintenance.
No oil changes or engine specific replacements.

Portage Battery System

48Ah rated, 50V Lithium-ion portable power pack.
Charges your tools and devices on the go.
Long range – 120km.
Quick charge time – 6-8 hours.
No smoke, noise, chains, gears or clutch.

Connectivity and User Input

Bluetooth compatible with the Ubco user app.
Charge power tools anywhere.
Charge handheld devices.
Protective seals to protect against the elements.


Integrated ECU.
Greater control.
Talk directly to the bike.

LED Lighting

120mm diameter headlight.
Low beam approx 1300 lumens.
Hi beam approx 2230 lumens.
LED rear, brake and number plate lights.
LED directional indicators.
Long life.
High intensity.


Connect industry specific items.
Customize your bike.
Attach storage.


Height* (excl. mirrors) 1,050mm
Length* (excl. number plate) 1,820mm
Width (handlebars) 800mm
Wheel base 1,200mm
Seat height 800mm
Curb weight 63kg
Carrying capacity including rider 150kg including rider
Typical cost to recharge Under $1

*Height / Length measures are approximate


Transmission Single Stage Planetary Gear Reduction with an integrated radiator for enhanced heat dissipation

Electrical System

Motor Two 1 Kilowatt peak brushless DC, air cooled hub, Flux Drive motors
Controller Two high power density controller with over-heating protection
Power pack Ubco Lithium-Ion 52.2Ah (48Ah rated), 50V battery
Charger type 100-240V 350W, wall or bench mount
Charge time 6-8 hours
Input Bluetooth with user app/USB
Ports Two USB charging ports (1A & 2.5A) and one 12V outlet (10A max)


Integrated ECU Directly controls lighting, motor controllers, display, rider controls and Bluetooth connection

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front suspension 37.5mm custom Ubco front fork with rebound adjustment
Rear suspension 32mm shock with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping
Front suspension travel 130mm
Rear suspension travel 120mm
Brakes Tektro Dorado front and rear brakes, 203 x 2.3mm rotors, high power hydraulic calipers
17 x 1.85″ aluminium rims

Tyres 17 x 2.75″ Kenda K667 tyres


LED Headlight 120mm diameter
Low beam 1330 lumens, 27.6W
High beam 2230 lumens, 36W


Range 120km, max range will vary depending on terrain and carry load
Power 2.4kWh
Torque 90Nm
Top speed 50km/h


Frame warranty 3 years
Battery warranty 2 years
Motor warranties 2 years
Parts / Components 6 months

We first built the 2×2 to help out on the farm, but really the possibilities are endless. Here’s a sample of the places we imagine it fitting in; it’s perfect for work or play.

Discover how different industries are using the UBCO 2×2. Think you’re using yours in a way that would peak our interest? Get in touch! We may even drop by for a visit.


Small Block Holders
Orchardists / Horticulturists
Pest Control
Equine Breeders


Trail Riders
Lifestyle Block Owners
Campervan / RV explorers
Sports & recreation

Emergency services

Police / Firemen
Search & Rescue
Ambulance / Disaster Relief


Mobile Repair People
Event Patrol
Park Rangers
Postmen / Delivery

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