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Welcome Robin Fiore

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New Appointment Puts UBCO on the Road to US Growth

New Zealand-born startup UBCO, creators of the original 2×2 Electric Utility Bike, have appointed ex-Honda sales executive Robin Fiore to help lead their push into the US market. Read More

The Domino’s Effect

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UBCO Tests its Performance in the Urban Jungle.

The UBCO 2×2 Electric Utility Vehicle was originally developed to be a surefooted EV replacement for the 2-stroke farm bike, but thanks to Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand, it is being put through its paces in a very different environment.

Domino’s has purchased three UBCO 2×2 vehicles for a trial to see if they meet the performance requirements to be part of their delivery bike fleet, navigating the congested and sometimes chaotic terrain of the Auckland, Taupo and Queenstown CBDs.

“Ontime delivery is critical to the Domino’s brand and we’re excited to see if UBCO can deliver,” says Domino’s NZ General Manager Cameron Toomey – “so far our delivery team are loving the bikes and they’ve exceeded our expectations,” he said.

Toomey says that he was attracted to the UBCO 2×2 after seeing an article about them in an inflight magazine and thought they ticked the boxes for Domino’s.

“We liked that it was a created by a New Zealand company and the bike was quiet, environmentally friendly and offered increased safety for our drivers.

“Safety is the number one factor for us at Domino’s – being more of a motorbike than a scooter, with two-wheel drive plus a low centre of gravity, the UBCO 2×2 has more power and greatly increased stability for our drivers.

“Plus, many of our deliveries are made at night and we need to be respectful of our neighbours, so the UBCO being ‘whisper quiet’ is a definite plus for us,” he said.

In terms of reliability Toomey says that the UBCO 2x2s has proven themselves to be very reliable as well as cheap to run in the first two months of the trial. He plans to buy more to expand the trial in the short term.

“I think that UBCO definitely has a place in our fleet and we’re just assessing how big a place that will be.”

Meanwhile UBCO is also currently in trials with two large national delivery fleets in New Zealand.

“We’re very excited to get the feedback from these trials and are more than confident they’ll pass with flying colours,” UBCO CEO Timothy Allan says.

“Our product range supports a wide range of applications and we are passionate about providing a complete solution to all our customers, from individual users to Fleet Managers,” he said.

The UBCO 2×2 brings a number of distinct advantages to the delivery sector: coming pre-built with accessory lugs for panniers and storage boxes; they’re incredibly sure-footed with a motor in both wheels, no clutch, drivetrain, emissions, or noise; and they’re digitally connected to monitor progress and route, with services delivered through the UBCO API interface.

They also have an impressive 120km max range on a single charge, and with an easy battery swap can cope with the multiple destinations required. Domino’s are also keeping an additional battery at each site, extending the range in case of high workload.

And the 2×2’s designation as a moped, means that it can be driven on a standard car license, with no requirement for a special motorcycle license.

“The UBCO 2×2 is uniquely capable for use as a delivery vehicle. It’s incredibly efficient to run, strong and reliable,” says Allan.

“They were designed to give the kiwi number-8-wire warrior the perfect platform to perform any job around the farm, but those same attributes are giving this bike an advantage in the CBD as well,” he said.

UBCO has also partnered with Snowball Effect to raise capital for the next stage of company development, focused on existing shareholders and a small group of potential new wholesale investors. The offer is now open and continues until the end of February.

Since their last capital raise in early 2017, UBCO has established an Oregon (US) based office, launched their road legal 2×2, and grown revenue to $3m (last 12 months).

The company will use the fresh equity capital being raised to fund new market expansion, launching in Europe in 2019, as well as supporting sales growth and product development.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for UBCO,” Allan said.

“And we’re hoping that we can add the domino effect to the snowball effect in the very near future,” he said.

STUFF.CO.NZ – Kiwi-made Ubco electric farm bike ideal for the strong, silent type

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With 2016 National Fieldays fresh in the mind, it’s timely to give a progress report on a star attraction: the promising New Zealand-designed 2WD Ubco farmbike.

The previous two years have seen the Ubco’s debut as a concept at the 2014 Fieldays, and that was followed up by a pre-production version appearing at the Mystery Creek event a year later, where several show-goers then placed the first orders for it. Read More

The Talented Mr Clyde

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Fifteen minutes out of Ōhope, heading east, you turn off onto a gravel road, pass some run down stockyards and ramshackle sheds, and there you are – the home of the future of two-wheeled transport. The not so secret location belongs to Anthony Clyde and family, and it is from here that the multi-talented Mr Clyde is changing the way people get from A to B and helping put New Zealand on the map for alternative transport. Read More

NZ HERALD: Electric bike maker starts first order

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Bay of Plenty-based electric off-road bike maker Ubco has begun assembling, testing and shipping its first production models to meet pre-order and dealer demand in New Zealand and Australia.

The award-winning startup, which was co-founded by Whakatane-based Antony Clyde and his partner Daryl Neal in Wellington, is also seeking $1.5 million to $2.5 million in second stage funding from the Bay’s early stage funding group Enterprise Angels. Read More

AUTOFILE: Electric bike going overseas

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Strong interest in the Ubco 22 electric farm bike will see the company bring forward plans to sell it in North America.

The bike is a “quiet, lightweight, emission-free, off-road 22”, which can also carry tools and can be used in an “agricultural setting”. The system features a drive on each wheel with each motor upgraded to 1kW. The battery system delivers around 58 volts with 48 amp hours. Read More

IDEALOG: Eco-friendly e-bike to be unleashed on Kiwi farms—and elsewhere

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The rural-friendly e-bike 2×2 to be released by Christmas. Not only is the bike hardy and suitable, but it’s also economical.

A New Zealand-made electric farm bike, which can travel 100km on 60 cents-worth of power, as well as charge a smart phone, iPad or power tools, should be on the market by Christmas, says its developer.

Electric bike specialist Anthony Clyde, one of the designers of the Ubco utility bike, says electric bikes are ideal for farm work as they are quiet (so they don’t disturb livestock), light (so they can be lifted over fences), strong (it can carry loads up to 200kg) and don’t have drive chains or clutches to cause maintenance problems. Read More

NZ HERALD: Sparks fly over new Kiwi electric farm bike

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The Ubco 2×2 electric farm bike will be in production by Christmas with initial marketing aimed at New Zealand and Australia. Strong international interest means the company will bring forward plans to sell into North America, said Timothy Allan, managing director of Tauranga’s Locus Research.

Locus is a co-investor in Ubco and works closely with the bike’s developers Anthony Clyde, based near Whakatane, and Daryl Neal from Wellington. Read More


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New Zealand has been slow to adopt the electric bike revolution that is sweeping the globe but a couple of keen Kiwis (and a Canadian) are using their ingenuity to create e-bikes with a difference.

Anthony Clyde has had a varied background that included an unfinished degree in product development, importing semi-precious jewellery from India and writing a script for a short film that was selected for the Sundance Film Festival. In 2005 he had a dream about making electric bikes and has been focused on them ever since. Read More

DUDE I WANT THAT: Ubco 2×2 electric bike

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I like how when a pair of Kiwis set out to build a sick off-road/commuter bike combo, their goal numero uno was to make sure it could also be used to herd sheep and drive cattle. Party till the cows come home? No. In New Zealand, you get the cows home first. Then you party. And from the looks of it, the Ubco 2 x 2 can do both pretty damn well. Read More

SUFFIELD TIMES: Two-wheel drive electrical utility bike doubles as a distant energy provide

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The Ubco 2X2 just isn’t precisely a velocity demon, however as an electrical workhorse with a 200kg capability, it is well-suited to farm, rural, and offroad use.

Electrical bikes have gone from meh to wow over the previous few years, and that is been an incredible enabler towards getting extra individuals on bikes, which is a key factor in the way forward for clear transportation. Nevertheless, a lot of the buzz about electrical bikes today is concentrated on shopper electrical bicycles for day by day driving and commuting, however there’s an entire different market on the market for absolutely electrical automobiles, and one by which velocity and luxury aren’t essentially the most important considerations.

Read More


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For many riders, there is a desire for a compromise between the compactness of a bike and the versatility of a car. The Ubco two-wheel drive electric motorbike may well be that bridge.

Sporting a trim design capable of holding up to 200kg (441 lbs.), the ride allows one to carry the cargo like a car while avoiding the urban struggle of finding a parking space. And with a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), it stands to be a more convenient ride than a traditional bicycle for the daily commuter. Read More

TREEHUGGER: Two-wheel drive electric utility bike doubles as a remote power supply

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The Ubco 2X2 is not exactly a speed demon, but as an electric workhorse with a 200kg capacity, it’s well-suited to farm, rural, and offroad use.

Electric bikes have gone from meh to wow over the last few years, and that’s been a great enabler toward getting more people on bikes, which is a key element in the future of clean transportation. However, most of the buzz about electric bikes these days is focused on consumer electric bicycles for daily riding and commuting, but there’s a whole other market out there for fully electric vehicles, and one in which speed and comfort aren’t necessarily the largest concerns. Read More

YAHOO! AUTOS: Ubco 2×2 Electric Dirt Bike Can Go Almost Anywhere, Charge Power Tools

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The Ubco Electric Bike seems poised to revolutionize the industry. Finally a dirt bike has been developed that serves a practical purpose after you stop riding it—besides being a tempting target for thieves.

The New Zealand bike maker has developed its Ubco 2×2 so it can charge your electronics and run power tools. It’s seen as ideal for farmers, emergency personnel and others who need to reach places that cars and generators can’t go. Read More


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Is it a farm bike? Is it just a fun runabout? It seems that with the Ubco 2×2, whatever your purpose, you can go your own way — as long as you don’t mind going slowly, and don’t exceed your battery range.

Designed in New Zealand, the Ubco 2×2 takes two-wheel-drive motorcycle technology to its next logical progression. Instead of installing a complicated system that drives the front wheel from the same engine that powers the rear wheel, as existing 2WD bikes do, the Ubco 2×2 simply has an independent motor for the front and rear wheels, housed in the hub.
A lightweight electric step-through that just happens to have 2WD. Read More

GIZMAG: The Ubco 2×2 tackles tough terrain, powers your tools

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The Ubco two-wheel drive electric motorbike boasts quite a skill set. Designed to handle difficult terrain, it provides ample carrying capacity, doubles as a portable power source and offers very low running costs, easy maintenance, and lots of practical customization options.

Developed in New Zealand by Ubco Ltd, the 2×2 is built around a lightweight Super-X step-through frame. Made from 7000 series aluminum alloy, this sturdy structure can support a load of up to 200 kg (441 lb). That translates to a lot of gear on top of the rider’s weight. Read More

THE COOLECTOR: Ubco Utility Bike

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Given the immense popularity of the Bolt Electric Bike we wrote about recently here at Coolector HQ, it certainly seems that there would be a similar audience for another cracking steed that goes by the name of the UBCO Utility Bike which looks like a great contraption for time spent out and about.

The UBCO Utility Bike is crafted by a design duo from New Zealand by the names of Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal who have worked in the e-bike industry for a number of years now and decided to join forces to create the UBCO. Read More

JEBIGA: Ubco 2×2 Utility Bike

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There are very few motorbikes out there capable of tackling various types of terrain, while providing you with a comfortable, stable ride regardless of whether you’re using it for work or for joyrides. One such bike is the Ubco 2×2 Utility Bike and, to make things even better, it’s an electric motorbike. The Ubco 2×2 was designed with, mainly, versatility in mind, as it offers a lot of useful features which makes it a perfect choice for a large number of jobs and activities. From agriculture, emergency services to simple recreational activities, the Ubco 2×2 will amaze you with what it has to offer.

Read More

HYPEBEAST: Ubco 2×2 Utility Bike

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Originally designed for farm use, the UBCO is an all-terrain dual electric drive motorbike that can serve a wide range of uses both urban and outdoors. Featuring an ultra-quiet two-wheel-drive powered by a 40 Ah lithium-ion battery, the UBCO’s lack of a drive chain and clutch allows for immediate proficiency in handling the vehicle and little to no maintenance. Its lightweight but sturdy frame can carry up to 200kg loads, while serving as a modular platform to be adapted to any particular need. At a running cost of 40 cents per 100km, the UBCO is also a highly efficient and cheap form of transportation, and can be charged by simply plugging it into a household source.

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Whether it’s for work or play, the Ubco 2×2 Utility Bike is equipped to take on whatever it encounters. The all wheel drive, electric motorbike features a lightweight structure combined with fantastic handling and excellent performance in all conditions. That combination, paired with the ability to haul over 400 pounds of weight, makes this electric bike a best in an off-road setting. The dual electric drives keep it smooth and quiet, while the built in Lithium-ion battery can go for as far as 62 miles on a single charge, and provide power outlets to charge your mobile devices or power tools while you ride or park.

By Uncrate

BIKERS CAFE: Ubco Utility Bike

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Created by New Zealanders Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal, the Ubco Utility Bike is a rugged, off-road motorcycle that can carry tools and be used in an agricultural environment. Having worked independently in the e-bike industry for a decade, the duo knew exactly what to come up with, the lightweight electric bike offering two-wheel traction and a range of more than 100km with a single charge of the 40 Ah Li-ion battery. Read More

2WD Electric Cargo Bike is the Ultimate, Go-Anywhere EV

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With brush-mounted electric motors planted in the hub of each of its wheels, the UBCO 2WD electric cargo bike from New Zealand offers superior power, performance, and traction- but is really enough to redefine the way people work and play outdoors?

The bike’s makers- designers Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal- certainly hope so, since redefining such-and-such is literally their stated goal. Still, it’s worth noting that there are very few all-electric bikes that are Read More


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The UBCO 2X2 Utility Bike is a brand new rugged, off-road motorcycle, developed in New Zealand. Trying to redefine outdoor mobility, the all-terrain bike has two-wheel traction, getting you virtually anywhere. A fully charged battery will get you approximately 100 km far and maintenance is minimal, due to the bike being built with very few parts.

Read More

Electric bike powers ahead

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Tauranga’s Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal from Wellington are set to bring to the market an innovative all-electric farm bike, which has attracted strong interest from agricultural users.
Timothy Allan, director of Tauranga’s Locus Research, was so impressed by the prototype unveiled at last year’s Mystery Creek Fieldays that his firm has invested in the team’s new venture, the Utility Bike Company (Ubco). Read More