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UBCO FRX1 in action

FRX1 Free Ride Trail Bike – In our words

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UBCO has maintained a Henry Ford like focus on a single product, the 2×2. The joke has been, you can have any colour you like, as long as it is black and white. But as we have matured as a company and as the product platform has evolved, our focus is now on delivering the ultimate off road electric vehicle platform. To achieve this in an acceptable timeline, we realise we can’t do it on our own.

Working with other innovative companies and people has always been our mode of operation, so when the opportunity arose to work with Neematic the choice was easy. The bike that the team have developed has obvious visual connections to the UBCO visual DNA with its white exo-frame and black body. It is also a well resolved product that rides beautifully.

We believe the market for this new take on a Trail Bike will be huge, attracting new riders with the light weight and ease of use coupled with plenty of power. Many will find moving over from a mountain bike with no motorcycle riding experience a breeze.

Neematic was formed by a dedicated group of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs based in Lithuania. Knowing little about the area I went looking, Lithuania is a country and the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states, a former Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus. Its capital, Vilnius, near Belarus’ border, is known for its medieval Old Town. It also has Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture, and 18th-century cathedral built on a pagan temple site. Hilltop Gediminas’ Tower, a symbol of the city and the nation, offers sweeping views.

I visited the Team at their base, and my take, is that it is a modern country with a fascinating mix of old and contemporary history, even with some super cool brutalist architecture among the beautiful older parts of town. The people I met were motivated, smart and down to earth. A perfect fit for us.

Riding the bike for the first time was in a forest in Vilnius a tick from the town centre. It felt solid and sure footed on the first ride but I was not prepared to give it full wind on a forest trail. It took 3 separate rides to feel in tune to really pin it, but when I did, boy did it respond. Climbing and descending anything with ease. The pedals (Sure to be contentious) provide an amazing ability to shift the weight of the bike in both ascent and descent, which gives it real agility.

UBCO FRX1 in action

The FRX1 is a logical extension of the UBCO product range and is the start of our extension into other product categories. Which include portable power and 4 wheel Utility Vehicles. We have worked on our product roadmap since inception and are starting to build this out to deliver the range of elements within it.

UBCO Product Strategy

We are excited to work with the Neematic Team, Justinas, Domas, Linas and look forward to making their product a production reality. Our team will begin the integration into the UBCO technology eco-system and supply chain with our goal to be ex production by June 2020.

FRX1 will have its debut in the US at this month’s AIM Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

Timothy Allan

UBCO Investment Update

Investment Update

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UBCO’s public offer ticks over $2 million.

UBCO are excited to announce that their current capital raise with Snowball Effect, has recently ticked over the $2 million mark, thanks to over 140 investors.

UBCO has partnered with Snowball Effect to raise a total of $2.5 million for the next stage of their development. The offer went live on March 20th and they have now ticked over the $2 million mark thanks to the support of over 140 investors.

Since their last capital raise in early 2017, UBCO has established a US-based office in Oregon, launched their road legal 2×2, and grown revenue to $3m (last 12 months).

UBCO will use the fresh equity capital being raised to fund new market expansion, launching into Europe in 2019, as well as supporting sales growth and product development.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for UBCO,” says UBCO CEO and Managing Director, Timothy Allan.

“We’ve been seeing growth in all our markets, and are looking forward to launching into the EU. The 2×2 has previously been displayed at the National Ploughing Championships in Ireland and there is now a fleet of off-road 2×2’s available to hire in the EU thanks to Electric Wheels Hire. So we are already gaining traction, and can’t wait for our official launch into the market later this year.”

"We are very thankful for the support we are receiving through our Snowball listing, and are excited to see where it takes us."

As for the success UBCO are seeing with their capital round, Timothy says, “We are very thankful for the support we are receiving through our Snowball listing, and are excited to see where it takes us.”

Simeon Burnett, Snowball Effect’s CEO & Co-founder, has been coordinating the public listing alongside UBCO and is pleased with the results.

“UBCO has received excellent interest and investment from experienced investors – they’ve been impressed with the progress that UBCO has been able to make to date, particularly in the US market, and clearly see the potential of the product globally as the EV market evolves.”

UBCO’s public offer is open until the 20th of April, with a max target of $2.5 million, so there is still time to invest if you want to get behind this kiwi innovation.

Invest in UBCO

Welcome Robin Fiore

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New Appointment Puts UBCO on the Road to US Growth

New Zealand-born startup UBCO, creators of the original 2×2 Electric Utility Bike, have appointed ex-Honda sales executive Robin Fiore to help lead their push into the US market. Read More

Ubco takes Wellington Gold

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Ubco is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Wellington Gold Award in the Discovering Gold category, celebrating recent R&D projects. The Wellington Gold Awards celebrate the excellence and enterprise of business in the Wellington Region, and it is an honour to be held to such a high standard alongside other stellar businesses. Read More

Ubco receives Good Design mark

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We are incredibly excited to announce that we have won an award at the Good Design Awards 2016, over in Australia! We are very proud of all the hard work that has been put into this disruptive piece of agritech and are honoured to have received this award. The Ubco journey has been an exciting one, and we don’t expect that to stop any time soon! So watch this space, we’ve got a game-changer here! Read More

YAHOO! AUTOS: Ubco 2×2 Electric Dirt Bike Can Go Almost Anywhere, Charge Power Tools

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The Ubco Electric Bike seems poised to revolutionize the industry. Finally a dirt bike has been developed that serves a practical purpose after you stop riding it—besides being a tempting target for thieves.

The New Zealand bike maker has developed its Ubco 2×2 so it can charge your electronics and run power tools. It’s seen as ideal for farmers, emergency personnel and others who need to reach places that cars and generators can’t go. Read More

GIZMAG: The Ubco 2×2 tackles tough terrain, powers your tools

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The Ubco two-wheel drive electric motorbike boasts quite a skill set. Designed to handle difficult terrain, it provides ample carrying capacity, doubles as a portable power source and offers very low running costs, easy maintenance, and lots of practical customization options.

Developed in New Zealand by Ubco Ltd, the 2×2 is built around a lightweight Super-X step-through frame. Made from 7000 series aluminum alloy, this sturdy structure can support a load of up to 200 kg (441 lb). That translates to a lot of gear on top of the rider’s weight. Read More

THE COOLECTOR: Ubco Utility Bike

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Given the immense popularity of the Bolt Electric Bike we wrote about recently here at Coolector HQ, it certainly seems that there would be a similar audience for another cracking steed that goes by the name of the UBCO Utility Bike which looks like a great contraption for time spent out and about.

The UBCO Utility Bike is crafted by a design duo from New Zealand by the names of Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal who have worked in the e-bike industry for a number of years now and decided to join forces to create the UBCO. Read More

Ubco 2×2: Best Awards Finalist

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The Best Awards are a collection of the very best of New Zealand design across a range of categories, including print, branding, websites, spatial design, typography, and product design.

We decided to enter Ubco into the product design category and we are excited to announce that we have been named as a finalist in the 2015 Best Awards! A huge pat on the back to the Ubco team. You can check out our entry here.

2WD Electric Cargo Bike is the Ultimate, Go-Anywhere EV

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With brush-mounted electric motors planted in the hub of each of its wheels, the UBCO 2WD electric cargo bike from New Zealand offers superior power, performance, and traction- but is really enough to redefine the way people work and play outdoors?

The bike’s makers- designers Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal- certainly hope so, since redefining such-and-such is literally their stated goal. Still, it’s worth noting that there are very few all-electric bikes that are Read More


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The UBCO 2X2 Utility Bike is a brand new rugged, off-road motorcycle, developed in New Zealand. Trying to redefine outdoor mobility, the all-terrain bike has two-wheel traction, getting you virtually anywhere. A fully charged battery will get you approximately 100 km far and maintenance is minimal, due to the bike being built with very few parts.

Read More

Electric bike powers ahead

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Tauranga’s Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal from Wellington are set to bring to the market an innovative all-electric farm bike, which has attracted strong interest from agricultural users.
Timothy Allan, director of Tauranga’s Locus Research, was so impressed by the prototype unveiled at last year’s Mystery Creek Fieldays that his firm has invested in the team’s new venture, the Utility Bike Company (Ubco). Read More