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A Slice of Heaven

By July 22, 2019 No Comments

After a successful 3 bike trail, Domino’s Pizza New Zealand are expanding their UBCO trial and adding another 7 2x2s to their nationwide pizza delivery fleet. 

The 2×2 was originally developed for off-road use but we are increasingly finding urban applications popping up due to the 2×2’s practical and utilitarian design. After successfully trialling the 2×2, Domino’s New Zealand are now expanding on the use of the vehicle nationwide through their corporate stores.

The Numbers

In the Domino’s application, the 2×2 replaces a combustion engine scooter that can be travelling 4.7km on average per delivery, 7 days a week. The annual usage estimate is 20,000 km per year, with an estimated power consumption of 0.04kW per km. This results in a total energy cost of NZ$800 over the two-year life cycle of the bike. Using New Zealand’s energy mix of 85% renewable sources this represents almost 3/4 of a tonne of CO2 removed every year for each vehicle, removing emissions from dense urban environments.

The Setup

Each bike is shipped with 2 batteries, providing each store peace of mind over the standard 12-hour shift. They can rest assured that no matter how many pizza orders are coming in, the 2×2 is still rolling them out the door. It also preserves battery life and enhances the potential use after its first two years of operation.

The sheer practicality of the 2×2 makes it an ideal platform for a delivery bike. The rugged aluminium alloy frame is specifically engineered with 17 attachment lugs to allow a high degree of customisation to suit the role. For Domino’s, this means a strong rear cargo deck platform to mount their insulated pizza delivery boxes to, and the 12V power output port provides them with a power supply for their GPS tracking system.

Domino's Pizza UBCO

The Potential

Looking ahead to a more global picture, with the 2,450 stores owned in 9 countries by Domino’s Pizzas Enterprises Ltd, there are very tangible benefits possible across multiple KPIs. For now, you’ll see the UBCO 2×2 out there delivering Pizza in Auckland, Taupo, Christchurch and Queenstown. As the leading international Domino’s franchisee, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd. want to lead the way and show just what can be achieved when you embrace innovation.

For an earlier update on our Domino’s NZ fleet trial please click here.  

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