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What’s the cost?

The dual use, 2018 2×2 is $7999NZD + ORC and the off-road, 2017 2×2 costs $6999NZD. You can request a quote online, and we will be in touch to complete the purchase.

Can I get one overseas?

The Ubco 2×2 is currently for sale in New Zealand, Australia and the US. If you are in the EU then email info@ubcobikes.com. 

What is the top speed of the bike?

The top speed of the 2018 2×2 is 50kph and the 2017 2×2 is 45 kph – of course, this varies depending on your terrain and load. Gravity kicks in and makes downhill fun, but fun aside, do be careful and always drive to the conditions folks.

Is the 2×2 road legal?

Yes, the 2018 2×2 is road registerable, meaning you can take your adventure both on- and off-road. The 2017 edition 2×2 is for your off-road adventures only.

Do I need a driver’s licence to ride the 2×2?

If you are riding the 2018 2×2 on-road you will indeed need a driver’s licence, a standard NZ car Learner License will do! However, if you are using it as an off-road, unregistered vehicle, or riding the 2017 2×2 off-road, you won’t require a license. No matter the use, we recommend completing a motorcycle training course, or something similar, so that you’re always riding safe.

How much can I carry?

We recommend you do not exceed your body weight in cargo or ride with over 150kg total. Cargo should be evenly distributed between front and rear. We’ve got some accessories in the works to help you load up your gear – watch this space!

What size engine would this be equivalent to?

Electric motors behave very differently than internal combustion engines. The main difference is electric motors achieve maximum torque at low rpm, which is the opposite of an internal combustion engine.

How far can the bike go on a full charge?

Just like any vehicle or bike, the heavier your hand is, the quicker you will run out of juice. In general, the 2018 bike can travel up to 120km on a full charge, the 2017 bike will go 100km, but this will vary depending on load, terrain, maximum speed and so on.

Can I use the bike to charge my tools when out and about?

You sure can — we can’t have our technology going flat, can we?! The Ubco 2×2 has a DC 12V output (cigarette lighter style) rated to 10 amps (120W). It also has two snazzy little USB outputs for charging your phone and other hand-held devices.

Are the electric hub motors synchronized or do they run independently?

The 2×2 motors are powered independently and evenly, and are not connected mechanically. Power to both wheels, rather than just one or the other, is most efficient for the battery.

Is there an option to switch off one of the two motors to save power?

No – it’s more economical and less straining for the motors to share the load.

What is the voltage of the battery?

The Ubco battery is rated at 50.4V (58.8V fully charged).

Can I buy more than one battery, so I can keep moving? Is it hard to swap out?

Indeed, you can. Simply disconnect the power plug, undo the strap, lift the seat and pull the battery out by the handles. Pop your replacement battery in and you are good to go. You can buy replacement batteries by contacting us or your local dealer.

Do I have to take the battery out to charge the bike?

No, you don’t – you can plug the charger into a port on the console. In saying that, if you wish to take the battery out to charge, you can do so.

Where can I get spare or extra parts?

Talk to us or contact your local dealer; either one of us will be able to supply you with what you need.

Can I charge the battery using solar power?

Good on you for going off the grid! The 2018 2×2 bike has a 48Ah Lithium-Ion battery, the 2017 2×2 has a 40Ah Lithium-Ion battery, and the charger draws 350W. As long as you can support the charger you’ll be good to go.

I own a 2017 2×2 – can I purchase an upgrade kit to make it road worthy?

Short answer – no. The 2017 2×2 was not designed in accordance with automotive regulatory standards so cannot be registered for road use.

What if I don’t like white? Can I get a pink one?

The first round of 2×2’s comes in white only. You can customise with attachments on the accessory lugs — holsters, carry bags, tassels, you name it. We may look into other colours in the future — drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see next!

Can I ride the bike underwater?

We have made every effort to ensure the components are protected from typical wear and tear, and splashes while riding – but the battery and internal components can suffer from being fully submerged.

We advise you do not submerge your bike past the axle/foot peg height or for long periods. Be sure to hose down the bike promptly if it is exposed to salt water. Evidence of full submersion can void your warranty.

Haven’t found what you need?

We are pretty friendly folk here at Ubco HQ. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions about this exciting piece of machinery, get in touch!